The dilemma…

So in a month I’m making a trip to Calgary to do the interview for my Nexus card. When I’m there I’m going to rent a car to drive to my appointment and do some exploring. It’s like a $30 cab or Uber ride from Hojo’s (my friend who’s house I’m staying at) to and from the airport (where my appointment is) and it’s about $85 to rent a car for 3 days. Plus it gives me the freedom to do what I want. So the bf hasn’t been responding to my texts so I’m not sure if he’s ignoring me and can see them or if he has me on ignore. Part of the dilemma is, do I assume I’m single? I assumed that this meant I was, but one of the girls at work says I can’t assume that because he didn’t actually say it so that might not be what he’s thinking. Partially that makes sense but my girl brain can’t wrap around that idea. It doesn’t seem common sense to me. But is anything about relationships really common sense? Another part of the dilemma is, if he’s not talking to me, should I surprise him at work by dropping him off a coffee and lunch? I messaged him and told him I was coming down but as per usual, the text has come and gone with no response. I know it’s a trite comment but another week has come and gone and I still have no desire to move on. I would rather be alone and do my own thing than move on. Every day it still feels hopeless but I try and put on a happy face every day. Maybe one day things will all work out…


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