Time feels like torture

It’s been 2 months since “the break” and it feels like time is moving fast but super slow at the same time. Most times when you take time away you adjust. The pain goes away slowly. You feel more normal and like yourself. I still feel like half my heart was ripped away. But all I can do is wait. I always thought that saying about setting something free if you love it was a crock of hoo ha, but now I understand what it means.

It seems like I’m always waiting. Waiting for the snow to leave so I can drive to Calgary. Waiting for my trip to Texas.

The highlight of my summer is going to be a trip with great people. Aside from my awesome day job I have an MLM job and each year our convention is in a different city. Last year was Anaheim and this year is Austin so I have planning for that to distract me. It’ll be another fun but nerve wracking experience for me. I’m fairly adept at traveling alone and meeting people at the destination, and I definitely don’t mind the challenge as I have to make it from Calgary, through LAX, then into Austin. But I can’t wait. My passport has always been my prized possession ever since I bit the bullet and got it.

Well it’s late and time to sleep and dream of the bf. It seems that’s all I dream about lately. Sleep well out there once you get there!


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